AEP Solution Provider

AEP Solution Provider

Volta Lighting is one of AEP Ohio’s Solution Providers. Our business model and product lines meet a rigorous standard that many energy impact businesses can’t meet.

  • Energy Rebates We know how to find and apply for the rebates for which you qualify.

  • Financing – Most qualify for financing, and some can qualify for no out of pocket expenses.

  • Energy Savings – Long term massive savings through life of the product.

We have been trained on AEP Ohio energy efficiency programs so that we are able to assist businesses, municipalities, schools, and churches with their lighting efficiency upgrades and applications.

Energy Impact Audit

Evaluate the current energy impact of your old lighting technology.


Develop a strategic upgrade plan for maximum efficiency and light quality improvement.

Rebates and Financing

Apply for all applicable rebates and secure financing options.

Long Term Savings

Realize long term energy savings and significantly reduced maintenance costs.


We can quickly evaluate your current situation to create an accurate estimation of total project cost plus rebate and financing options combined with long term expected savings.