Stretch Your Budget

Make the Most of Your Budget

Metal Halide and other HID bulbs can be costing you as much as 10 TIMES what an equivalent LED fixture costs. The energy cost savings is reason enough to make the switch. Combine that with energy rebates, lowered maintenance costs, and better light quality make the switch a no-brainer!


What is the 10 year impact this will have on our bottom line?

Think about the long term impact running HID bulbs vs. LED fixtures will have on your energy and maintenance budget. For most medium to large buildings this equates to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. When you look at long term impact it seems crazy to NOT make the switch. Are you wondering how your company will pay for the upgrade? We have been able to provide many customers with NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES, and they realize instant savings that adds money directly back to their bottom line!


We can quickly evaluate your current situation to create an accurate estimation of total project cost plus rebate and financing options combined with long term expected savings.